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CHRIS ► Every heart sings a song incomplete until another heart whispers back.

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Christopher Reed
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk alonePaige hubby. ♥

Avatar : Paige hubby. ♥

MessageSujet: CHRIS ► Every heart sings a song incomplete until another heart whispers back. Mer 22 Fév - 21:30

Christopher Reed

ft. Jason O’Mara

all name : Christopher Luke Reed nickname(s) : Chris  age : 48 yo date an place of birth :  15 january 1967 in Belfast origines : irish nationality : american sexuality : Heterosexual civility : taken. job or studies : Musician financial situation : very very rich credits : Shyia


what everybody sees.
Charming + generous + serious + discreet + hardworking + artistic + smiling + stubborn + reserved + impulsive + creative + cultivated + direct + enthusiastic + energetic + modest + obstinate + optimistic + seductive + lively + insightful + mysterious + fighter.
He's this celebrity that has girls in his arms, not always the same but which everyone speaks well. Especially when he plays the serving knights and doesn't hesitate to break the face of a man too direct with one of his friends without knowing that he would make the One of the tabloids. He spends a lot of time preparing his albums but nobody knows anything about it before they are made public. He likes to be in touch with people and his way of seducing his audience is to always give a concert for the first listening of his new album before the publication. He never talks about his personal life and shows only the essentials during the evenings. He never said more about his possible conquests. For him music counts before money and that is why he agreed to only take a comfortable salary and leave the rest to music schools in the less affluent corners of LA and surrounding areas so all children may have access to this art. This was made public by his agent but he has always refused any statement in this regard. During the public outings, he is the first to come to greet the public and the journalists not for the photos but to discuss. He puts himself at the height of people but above all, he'is accessible for everyone.

what his loved ones see.
Genuine + caring + cuddly + capricious + jealous + grumpy + reckless + emotional + clumpsy + confident + possessive + resentful + sensitive + passionate + gallant + old game + natural + protector + loving.
He is this man who loves his comfort but who is mostly at home with those he loves. He is sometimes a bit of a mulehead and demanding especially when one pricks her minion slippers that Alice has offered him to the previous Christmas or when Jane has to leave his arms. Then he takes advantage of what he has when he has it. He lives in the present and doesn't hesitate to open himself totally to those who have gained his heart. He also sometimes takes a dark look when he sees someone look at Jane with too much insistence. The only person he doesn't say anything is Reegan, his agent and friend, who is politely in love with his companion for a few years and admires her. These two are friends and if he doesn't hesitate to remind Reegan that Jane is "his", he accepts her looks much better than with anyone else. He's also a horrible clumpsy who throws the remote control behind him, on the only vase of the corner when he simply wanted to lay it on the coffee table. But he has learned to live with it. He is a man who likes to reconquer his 'wife' regularly but who doesn't consider it necessary to tell her all the time how much he loves her. They both know. If he is a worker, he sometimes also likes to roll into a ball and stay in bed all day, preferably in charming company, simply to enjoy that chance he has and offer an embrace. If he doesn't want a child, Reegan sometimes speaks of him as a bear dad. With Alice, he's terrible and he never has enough cuddles from her. He deplores, however, her passing into adulthood, which is worth him much less gesture of affection from her. He assumes it. Oh and of course he is a daddy bear who never had any intention of replacing Alex, the young woman's father. To conclude, he is a man who is sometimes foolish and bad, but with his loved ones he remains a loving and protective man who still doesn't believe in the chance he has.

things to know



To check, nothing more simple simply replace ○ by ◙. (only one box per question) You have to answer like it's your character that's talking.

A house for you is:
○ a friendly place.
◙ my family and friends.
○ a place where you can find the essentials.
○ a cocoon that protects you from external aggressions.
○ chores, again and again.
○ the goal to be achieved.

When you feel anger rising, what are you doing?
○ You change your minds by calling a friend.
○ This almost never happens to you.
○ You get away from everyone.
○ You let it explode because it is beneficial.
○ You bite your tongue to not break everything.
◙ You try to dominate yourself.

What makes a couple?
○ Two people having fun together.
○ Two people who are one.
○ Two people who would be there for each other and who would not let themselves down.
○ Two people who share the same ideals.
○ Two people more than sexually granted.
◙ Two people filled.

What is the ideal evening for you?
○ Full of friends and an evening to improvise until the end of the night!
○ A romantic tête-à-tête with your darling.
○ Ice cream and a good movie.
◙ A dinner at home with all your family.
○ An evening between girls / boys to skim the boxes of the city.
○ A dinner in a big restaurant, you deserve at least that!

Sitting on a terrace, you see someone who slips on a dog dung ...
◙ Though amused, you pity the unfortunate.
○ You rush to help him get up.
○ You avoid his gaze and contemplate your glass.
○ You are taken with an irrepressible laugh.
○ You start one: "1 for the dirt - 0 for the old!"
○ You look at your mobile phone, you are too busy for this nonsense.

Passenger of the Titanic at the time of the sinking, what are you doing?
○ You keep dancing to the rhythm of the string quartet, after all, there is no hope, is it?
◙ You kiss your family one last time.
○ You wait for the end, knowing there is no way out.
○ You try to stay dry for as long as possible.
○ You scream to everyone that it is the end and you push them unceremoniously.
○ You try to find a place in a canoe, you still have too many things to do to die now

How is your home?
◙ Relaxed: everyone feels comfortable and welcome.
○ Stylish: you are very proud of your home.
○ Sad: you forgot to water the flowers and there is nothing in the fridge.
○ Ordered: You can not help storing everything.
○ Chaotic: one cries, one sings, one dances, in short no one is bored!
○ It suits you at the moment but ideally it would be bigger.

Which word best describes you?
○ Funny
○ Romantic
○ Worker
○ Strong
◙ Independent
○ Reliable

Where do you see you in five years?

and you?

name/pseudo : I'm the soul of music.

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Christopher Reed
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk alonePaige hubby. ♥

Avatar : Paige hubby. ♥

MessageSujet: Re: CHRIS ► Every heart sings a song incomplete until another heart whispers back. Mer 22 Fév - 22:21


For now, see the false wikipedia page of Chris with sample of songs. I translate everything later ahah

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CHRIS ► Every heart sings a song incomplete until another heart whispers back.

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