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Ian - Salvation comes with a price

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Ian Sterling
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk aloneHIC

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MessageSujet: Ian - Salvation comes with a price Mer 22 Fév - 20:22


Ian Sterling

ft. Henry Ian Cusick

all name : Ian Sterling nickname(s) :He doesn't allow people to give him a nickname, unless being on his family age : 48 y.o date and place of birth : 12 november 1967, Ogden, Utah origines : American and german nationality : American sexuality : heterosexual civility : single jobs or studies : lieutenant policeman financial situation : not to bad




unpredictable+ stubborn + attentive + messy in his stuff + protective + reliable + procrastinator + wily + realist + franc  +  wary + sensitive + easily offended + tireless + patient + observer + hardy + a little moaner + involved + a little paranoid + confidential



things to know


Doesn't like the actual technologies, he thinks that people use it badly + Very good cooker, thanks to his mom + Love the coffee, he can tolerate tea because one time, in the past, in his work place, the coffee maker had breakdown + Nervous driver, he drive to fast, that makes him good to leave behind or to catch people at in high-speed car chase + Ice Hockey is his favorite sport + Going to Europe is his dream, but he never get his chance + A long time ago, Ian was afraid of dogs because he was stuck for hours on a tree, before the branch crackled and let him on the ground with a enraged dog + Like to go to bar, drink a shot with colleagues after a rough day





To check, nothing more simple simply replace ○ by ◙. (only one box per question) You have to answer like it's your character that's talking.

    A house for you is:
   ○ a friendly place.
   ○ my family and friends.
   ○ a place where you can find the essentials.
   ○ a cocoon that protects you from external aggressions.
   ○ chores, again and again.
    ◙ the goal to be achieved.

   When you feel anger rising, what are you doing?
   ○ You change your minds by calling a friend.
   ○ This almost never happens to you.
   ○ You get away from everyone.
   ○ You let it explode because it is beneficial.
    ◙ You bite your tongue to not break everything.
   ○ You try to dominate yourself.

    What makes a couple?
   ○ Two people having fun together.
   ○ Two people who are one.
    ◙ Two people who would be there for each other and who would not let themselves down.
   ○ Two people who share the same ideals.
   ○ Two people more than sexually granted.
   ○ Two people filled.

    What is the ideal evening for you?
   ○ Full of friends and an evening to improvise until the end of the night!
   ○ A romantic tête-à-tête with your darling.
   ○ Ice cream and a good movie.
    ◙ A dinner at home with all your family.
   ○ An evening between girls / boys to skim the boxes of the city.
   ○ A dinner in a big restaurant, you deserve at least that!

   Sitting on a terrace, you see someone who slips on a dog dung ...
   ○ Though amused, you pity the unfortunate.
    ◙ You rush to help him get up.
   ○ You avoid his gaze and contemplate your glass.
   ○ You are taken with an irrepressible laugh.
   ○ You start one: "1 for the dirt - 0 for the old!"
   ○ You look at your mobile phone, you are too busy for this nonsense.

   Passenger of the Titanic at the time of the sinking, what are you doing?
   ○ You keep dancing to the rhythm of the string quartet, after all, there is no hope, is it?
   ○ You kiss your family one last time.
   ○ You wait for the end, knowing there is no way out.
   ○ You try to stay dry for as long as possible.
   ○ You scream to everyone that it is the end and you push them unceremoniously.
    ◙ You try to find a place in a canoe, you still have too many things to do to die now

    How is your home?
   ○ Relaxed: everyone feels comfortable and welcome.
   ○ Stylish: you are very proud of your home.
    ◙ Sad: you forgot to water the flowers and there is nothing in the fridge.
   ○ Ordered: You can not help storing everything.
   ○ Chaotic: one cries, one sings, one dances, in short no one is bored!
   ○ It suits you at the moment but ideally it would be bigger.

    Which word best describes you?
   ○ Funny
   ○ Romantic
   ○ Worker
   ○ Strong
   ○ Independent
   ◙ Reliable

   Where do you see you in five years?
    Well, Still alive I hope. With Sarah and Grace.


and you?


name/pseudo : The photographer of the group ! Hello there  

u.c je susi en panne.
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Ian Sterling
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk aloneHIC

Avatar : HIC

MessageSujet: Re: Ian - Salvation comes with a price Jeu 23 Fév - 13:00

Sometimes, you can't do something to help everyone

enfance + (01). born at Ogden, Utah. (02). Never had a brother of sister, he'd never know his father who was gone before he was born (03). His mom wasn't too present, due to her cooking work and a no-comprehensible boss. Ian was always kept by his neighborhoods. (04). His neighborhoos was a married couple, a cop and a florist, they had a son who will be Ian's best friend. His name was Max (05). Ian loved to spend his time outside and get bored when he was at school. He was a dunce of the class, he didn't listen what it happening in class (06). He loved to throw snow ball at girls, annoying girls, terrorize them. (07). One day, he did hurt gravely on purpose one girl, Julia. (08). Since, guilty, Ian didn't start it again, he stopped to bother girls and stopped to do something stupid. He became a friend for Julia.

u.c je susi en panne.
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Ian - Salvation comes with a price

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