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sarah ► hope is everything.

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Sarah Jenkins
Sarah Jenkins
I walk alonesarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_niemq0B9511qgewejo7_250
I walk alonesarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_nmhoc3aTfc1qbh2jco7_250
I walk alonePaigey ♥
I walk alonesarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_ofijh90Z8w1v2tuifo3_250

sarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_niemq0B9511qgewejo7_250
sarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_nmhoc3aTfc1qbh2jco7_250
Avatar : Paigey ♥ sarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_ofijh90Z8w1v2tuifo3_250

sarah ► hope is everything. Vide
MessageSujet: sarah ► hope is everything. sarah ► hope is everything. EmptyMer 22 Fév - 20:09

Sarah Adams

ft. Paige Turco

all name : Sarah Adams nickname(s) : Missa from her grand daughter (but since she doesn't have a grand daughter in the universe with Abs... No nickname) age : 49 yo date and place of birth : 19 december 1967 origines : canadian and american, well by her adopted parents nationality : american sexuality : men, she's too please to see them. civility : widow - single - married? jobs or studies : pediatric doctor financial situation : good


Obstinate + stubborn + thick headed + petty + sarcastic + resentful + impatient + combative + courageous + independent + eccentric + sensitive + sentimental + optimistic + empathetic + protective + loving + possessive + jealous + inventive + farfeluous + quiet + dreamy.

things to know

It may not look like it but she has strong constitution and never broke anything despite cycling like a mad girl with her brother and falling more than once down a mountain pass to full speed. + Was tattooed idiotically after a bet with Robert, the symbol of infinity small but well present at the root of er hair at the back of her neck. + Would give father and mother for chocolate. + Likes the Beatles very much. + Her favorite song of them is [i] Yesterday [/ i]. + But her real favorite song is undoubtedly [i] knocking on heaven's door [/ i] by Bod Dylan. + Is more scientific than spiritual but believes in the essence of life and the power of the mind. + Goes to church every Sunday or almost every Sunday. Since she has Eva, she admits to go there less often, worries overcoming her desire to communion with the Lord. + Speaks a little Spanish but has never been very attentive in language course. + Nervous, she systematically rubs the forearms by pressing them against her. + Towels, they have to be folded, well folded, angles on the corners, lines on the lines. Vicious as a toc when she is in a restaurant with fifty tables. + To boost her morale, she has two choices of film all designated [i] Ghost [/ i] or [i] Princess Bride [/ i]. + Is a budding astronomer who enjoyed staring with her husband and daughter. + Rob used to convert her to the pleasure of investigating by creating adventures just for her and she admits loving all that mystery that he created and that allowed them to spend a long time together. + Grace registered her on a dating site last month and she regrets already after her one and only meeting ... + could have become a singer in another life. + Prefers to be the one to tell stories totally invented to her big baby and her beautiful little girl. + Is apparently only biting her lip when something grieves or reflects on her. + Is allergic to soap. + Likes not to be too tall to can be locked up between the protective arms of Robert, her brother or her father. + Mike Jenkins (her father) just celebrated his seventy-six years. + Is aunt of two beautiful boys, twins, Adrian and Stephan. + Has always had an evening per week, exclusively with Grace for a girl evening.


To check, nothing more simple simply replace ○ by ◙. (only one box per question) You have to answer like it's your character that's talking.

A house for you is:
○ a friendly place.
◙ my family and friends.
○ a place where you can find the essentials.
○ a cocoon that protects you from external aggressions.
○ chores, again and again.
○ the goal to be achieved.

When you feel anger rising, what are you doing?
○ You change your minds by calling a friend.
○ This almost never happens to you.
○ You get away from everyone.
○ You let it explode because it is beneficial.
○ You bite your tongue to not break everything.
◙ You try to dominate yourself.

What makes a couple?
○ Two people having fun together.
◙ Two people who are one.
○ Two people who would be there for each other and who would not let themselves down.
○ Two people who share the same ideals.
○ Two people more than sexually granted.
○ Two people filled.

What is the ideal evening for you?
○ Full of friends and an evening to improvise until the end of the night!
◙ A romantic tête-à-tête with your darling.
○ Ice cream and a good movie.
○ A dinner at home with all your family.
○ An evening between girls / boys to skim the boxes of the city.
○ A dinner in a big restaurant, you deserve at least that!

Sitting on a terrace, you see someone who slips on a dog dung ...
○ Though amused, you pity the unfortunate.
○ You rush to help him get up.
○ You avoid his gaze and contemplate your glass.
○ You are taken with an irrepressible laugh.
○ You start one: "1 for the dirt - 0 for the old!"
◙ You look at your mobile phone, you are too busy for this nonsense.

Passenger of the Titanic at the time of the sinking, what are you doing?
○ You keep dancing to the rhythm of the string quartet, after all, there is no hope, is it?
◙ You kiss your family one last time.
○ You wait for the end, knowing there is no way out.
○ You try to stay dry for as long as possible.
○ You scream to everyone that it is the end and you push them unceremoniously.
○ You try to find a place in a canoe, you still have too many things to do to die now

How is your home?
○ Relaxed: everyone feels comfortable and welcome.
◙ Stylish: you are very proud of your home.
○ Sad: you forgot to water the flowers and there is nothing in the fridge.
○ Ordered: You can not help storing everything.
○ Chaotic: one cries, one sings, one dances, in short no one is bored!
○ It suits you at the moment but ideally it would be bigger.

Which word best describes you?
○ Funny
◙ Romantic
○ Worker
○ Strong
○ Independent
○ Reliable

Where do you see you in five years?

and you?

name/pseudo : Great wolf wolf

◖ <b>paige turco</b> + sarah adams
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Sarah Jenkins
Sarah Jenkins
I walk alonesarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_niemq0B9511qgewejo7_250
I walk alonesarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_nmhoc3aTfc1qbh2jco7_250
I walk alonePaigey ♥
I walk alonesarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_ofijh90Z8w1v2tuifo3_250

sarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_niemq0B9511qgewejo7_250
sarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_nmhoc3aTfc1qbh2jco7_250
Avatar : Paigey ♥ sarah ► hope is everything. Tumblr_ofijh90Z8w1v2tuifo3_250

sarah ► hope is everything. Vide
MessageSujet: Re: sarah ► hope is everything. sarah ► hope is everything. EmptyMer 22 Fév - 20:50

Don't be a woman that needs a man... Be a woman a man needs!

childhood + (01). Born Sarah Jenkins. (02). First of a family of two. (03). She has a little brother, Kurt, four years younger than her. (04). Her parents are Alice and Mike, veterinarians. (05). Grew up in a small house just outside the town of For Collins, just on the edge of Wellington. (06). Spent her time between school and the interventions of her parents, whom she often followed on ranches and farms. (07). All her family, cousins, uncles and aunts live in the same neighborhood. It is part of an old family of the city, not rich but important and scattered. (08). There is a conflict between her family and the other large family that has been present for generations. (09). Has already been in custody after beating the son Scott who never ceased harassing her little brother. (10). Was proudly the first in the class.

adolescence + (01) met one of her only real friends, Aline, at 11 years old. (02) went to Denver to study at the boarding school at the same time as Aline. (03) her mother died after an aneurysm rupture at her 15th birthday. (04) saw Aline move away from her after getting aesthetic surgery done. Discovers that her friend is superficial and argues with her after she offered her surgery on the pretext that she was too flat and not enough pretty. (05) totally cut the ties with Aline by changing high school to one in Colorado Spring. (06) came out with a man older than her when she was 17, right after the events with Aline. (07) takes a small lodging thanks to a scholarship so that her brother comes to live with her for his studies. (08) engages in medical studies while continuing to go out with a man she hides from her family. (09) discovers that her "boyfriend" is married and breaks with no other word at 19. (10) saw her brother leave school to return to their sick father, deciding on a common agreement that she had to go on more than he, that she was the quickest to have a bright future.

young adult + (01) is relieved to learn that her father is cured and to know her brother will do a profesional training despite his young age. (02) adopts a dog that quickly becomes her most faithful companion. Finally, it was he who adopted her by following her every day to the university. She calls him Pungo before discovering that she is a girl ... (03) gets the best results and is major of prom. (04) is obliged to work one year at the hospital to earn the necessary money to open her office. (05) after an inheritance, she is entitled to a small house in Sheyenne, Wyoming and sets out to settle there in August 1992. (06) faces the mistrust of those in this small town until... (07) meets Robert Adams, when little Grace becomes her first patient. He apparently wanted to show that she was entitled to a chance. (08) regularly communicates with this single father who sometimes has trouble knowing how to deal with his little girl and takes her professional advice. And then Grace fell in love with Pungo. (09) begins to see Rob, policeman, outside the professional level to Christmas 1992. (10) meets Ian Sterling teammate and friend of Robert the following year. (11) is called "Mom" by Grace a little over a year after their encounter. She does not know how to react but for Robert, everything seems normal then, she gets to the idea. (12) spends three marvelous years before a dispute with Rob when the neighborhood comes to tell him that she cheats on him. He then learns that her only other relationship was a statutory rape and disappears for a little while - a small month - leaving Grace to him. (13) discovers thanks to her brother that the man she was  with when she was teenager is finally arrested after a new relationship with a minor. and that the cops were helping by agent Adams in Colorado Spring. (14) argues again with Rob who got involved in all this and he ends up answering that he loves her, and then, she tells him the same. (15) asks Robert in marriage at the dawn of Grace's sixth birthday with the help of Grace. (16) faces the loss of her best friend Pungo, broke by a car. (17) discovers that she cannot have children (secret: she has AIDS thanks to the old man in her young years but no one know except her, not even Rob, she's careful not to transmitting him this) and after a few days of depression, understands that she needs no other child than Grace. (18) is struggling to see Robert's bullet-proof vest hitting after several difficult affairs. (19) decides with her small family to leave for three long months on vacation in England, where now lives her little brother, to forget the work and the vagaries of it. (20) is offered a larger cabinet by the city on her 30th anniversary.

adult + (01) after so much time, comes to consider Ian as a member of the family she sees every morning since he comes to look for Robert. She also prepares breakfast for him as to her two loves and is always scandalized to see him also messy. The two have a sort of tacit agreement that consists of watching over Rob if he doesn't want her to kill him. (02) also takes care of the adults and sometimes the animals when she becomes the only doctor in town. (03) discovers that her friend Aline is now a model and director of her dear father's business, making her rich and popular. (04) is mentioned during an interview with her dear old friend and see a flop of journalists invade her small town in search of her testimony. (05) the city deserted her office after the invasive presence of the paparazzi who rotted her life. (06) becomes mad with rage when one of them decides to follow Grace wherever she goes and right up to the window of her room. Comes to break his nose. (07) with the support of her team of personal policemen, they manage to keep journalists away and find again their quiet little life without further incident. The patients return to her office. (08) refuses a dog to her daughter and hardly hears her saying she hates her. Ah the adolescence! ... she wants no more animal after Pungo, knowing full well that she will find herself to take care of the dog three quarters of the time and doesn't want to cry again when it will be his hour. (09) leaves for the first time on vacation without Grace who preferred to stay with Ian. But she can't fool her parents, it is probably to not abandon her boyfriend. They leave for San Francisco and in this state. (10) learns that her 17-year-old baby is pregnant and is going to be a grandmother at age 40. She gives birth to a pretty little girl called Eva and the grandparents fall directly under the spell. (11) obliged her daughter to assume her responsibilities and to be a parent since she decided to keep the child. But that doesn't prevent her from adoring to look after the little one. (12) is afraid that Eva is ill and indeed hospitalization was necessary after the onset of pneumonia. If she didn't doubt her daughter's skills to be a mother, she might have had a glimpse of the love she had for Eva even though she didn't always know how to show it. (13) On June 10, 2011, Ian arrives home and she doesn't need him to tell her that Robert has died. She accepts her support and presence for her family. (14) is obliged to make her mourning fast when Grace accepts his death with difficulty and feels responsible without revealing why because she entrusts her Eva before leaving, only her knew where. (15) despite the frequent news of Grace, she can only worry but continues with the precious help of Ian to take care of Eva. One Year later... (16) after a particularly difficult night, Ian suggests to her to make a trip to Las Vegas and Eva is entrusted to a trustworthy friend. At the end of the festive weekend, she wakes up in the same bed as Ian. Luckily her clothes are still on but it is not the same with her marital status ... they only have to divorce. (17) discovers by the words of a cop just retired what really happened when Robert died and goes to see Ian, ready to fight with him. She then utters harsh words to him and all her anger comes in the form of him packing his bags to leave the city, to leave her! (18) eventually, her daughter returns but continues to spend much more time outdoors than with her own daughter which causes a slight mother-daughter conflict that resolves itself by Grace learning the truth about Ian who killed her father. (19) is surprised to find another policeman at her door one morning to tell him that her daughter was arrested after killing someone. The nightmare continues and despite the best lawyer in the world, she is imprisoned for one year in prison. (20) at the exit of Grace from prison, life tries to recover but she realizes that her Eva seems more attached to "Missa" Sarah than to her own mom. And that in addition, Eva has a small dog, a small Australian shepherd named Dina. Two months pass thus.

present day + Sarah sees for the third time a policeman on her landing to announce her that her husband has died ... Except that she is not married at least not to her knowing. She finds herself still married to Ian Sterling and after warning Grace, finds herself obliged to leave to Lewiston to settle matters with the notary. There, she discovers that things are not so simple and attracted as always by the mystery and police investigative side, she goes into town to understand what happened before being attacked by a policeman and saved by another whom she never thought to see again: Ian.

her secrets, open at your own risk!:
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sarah ► hope is everything.

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